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Local Attractions

Local Attractions display board
Local Attractons van
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Effective brochure distribution is a proven method of attracting business!

Local Attractions is a brochure distribution service that displays our clients' brochures within Townsville and surrounding areas in our own clean, attractive brochure boards.  We deliver to over 60 venues including Townsville's highest traffic areas, busiest hotels, motels, caravan parks and backpackers.  

We have two levels of advertising to suit our client's differing needs and budgets. A 60 locations service or a 30 locations service at very reasonable rates.

Should you be interested in our service I will be happy to discuss any further enquiries you may have.  

Contact details:

Phone: 0432902039

Please feel free to browse our site for all local attractions. You will find tours accommodation and activities to do

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