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Paluma Range National Park is within the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area . Paluma is one hour’s drive north-west of Townsville. The turn off is 61 kilometres north of Townsville or 40 kilometres south of Ingham on the Bruce Highway about 50km north of Townsville and take the Mt Spec Road 20km to the forest.

Paluma Rainforest is home to many tropical plants, including palms, umbrella trees and fig trees, fringe Waterview Creek. The weeping bottlebruch trees have red flowers and branches that overhang the creek. You will find the beautiful Ulysses butterflies there. .

Frosty Mango

Bruce Highway

Mutarnee, QLD 4816



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Walking Tracks of Paluma

Townsville City Council has produced a brochure about Paluma and its walking tracks. Inside the brochure you will find a map of how to get there and of different tourist attractions and facilities.

Pick up your copy today in Local Attractions boards.



You will also find a brochure on the birds from the area in Local Attractions boards

The rainforest-fringed creek has moist conditons that attracts a variety of birds such as pied monarchs, azure kingfishers, noisy pittas and northern fantails. At times you may even catch a glimse of the buff-breasted paradise-kingfishers. They are birds that have migrated from Papua New Guinea to nest.

You will love seeing the freshwater turtles that are sunning themselves upon the rocks. But you better be quick as they going into hiding at the first sign of danger. At times you may also see Goannas near the water's edge or in the forest as they are searching for food.

There are plenty of walking tracks and you will see Jourama Falls. A very pretty waterfall.

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